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Online Dispute Resolution - Part 3

Reprint of Article from Colorado Lawyer, April 2020. Authored by Doug McQuiston and Sharon Sturges.

In the attached article, reprinted from Colorado Lawyer in April, 2020, Sharon Sturges and Doug McQuiston continue their discussion on the use of online dispute resolution (ODR) for alternative dispute resolution in Colorado. Sharon Sturges is the director of the Office of Dispute Resolution and coordinator of the Access and Visitation Program for the Colorado court system. Doug McQuiston is a mediator panelist with Accord ADR Group in Boulder.

Their article, titled "Online Dispute Resolution - A Digital Door to Justice or Pandora's Box? - Part 3" was published in Colorado Lawyer, April, 2020. Part 3, the final article, considers the ethical issues surrounding the use of ODR.

The following file is the reprint of Part 3:

Reprint - Colorado Lawyer - Apr 2020 - O
Download • 2.58MB

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