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Hyphenus builds tools that help people get along better, resolve disputes and get the most out of their relationships. And when things get difficult, solutions developed by Hyphenus can help institutions like civil courts, mediation firms, domestic violence agencies and community organizations support their clients through tough times quicker, safer and more amicably.

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Stand-Alone Litigant & Client Portals

Imagine a cost effective, customizable litigant portal that connects court users to their court, their case and their unique process; with built-in self help & powerful dispute resolution tools that helps litigants and court users triage, diagnose and resolve more issues using less court resources than ever before.
Quickly, efficiently and legally.
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Case Manager for Legal Aid, Victim Advocate & Community Services

Legal aid, elder care, drug/alcohol rehab and domestic violence agencies can use our Remote Services platform to increase staff productivity, improve & monitor client safety and progress and collaborate with 3rd parties. We’ll help you deliver a more comprehensive and transparent level of service that keeps stakeholders informed and in the loop.
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Client Management for Rehabilitation & Release Programs

Coach probationers, support rehabilitation and monitor behavior, communication and movement with modern tools that allow your teams to work remote. Collaborate with law enforcement and support staff and keep more accurate records that help you make better assessments and deliver better services.
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Remote Mediation and ADR Platform for Solo Practitioners & Firms

Your mediation or ADR department depends on being able to serve clients quickly, efficiently and remotely. We can help you modernize your practice with integrated SaaS tools that help your mediators and ADR professionals serve more clients more efficiently, with a higher level of service than ever before.