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A Correctional-Ready Package for Your Facility.


Duramate™ was born out of a deep-hearted passion from its originators, Paul and Ben Waskey, owners of Spaceworx, to provide inmates a more purposeful and confidential way to communicate and reach out beyond the walls of prison cells, as well as enabling Correction Centers to save tremendous costs and enhance public safety.

As experts in the modular pod arena for other industries, Spaceworx created a tougher, yet attractive and functional modular pod, (patents pending for designs, utility and functionality) for the Correctional Industry. 

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A TuffShield Package

A proprietary blend of durable materials featuring impact-resistant, robust and heavy-duty hardware and cleanable surfaces.
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FireShield System

FireShield™ (Patent Pending) is a heat-activated fire suppression technology available in all our PODs, ensuring fire codes are met while maintaining modularity and flexibility to relocate units.
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QuietFlow Ventilation

Duramate's proprietary air flow system is designed to keep cool & refreshed by quietly circulating the air inside the booth every 3-4 minutes while ensuring acoustical sound balance.
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