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Colorado Legislation mandates courtrooms to provide streaming video broadcasting.

The Colorado Legislature recently recognized the importance of a transparent courtroom. During the 2023 session, HB23-1182 was passed and required all courts in Colorado to provide remote access for the public to observe any criminal court proceedings. This includes municipal courtrooms.

The legislation is effective September 1, 2023.

This could be an unfunded and expensive mandate for courtrooms with limited staff. Courtroom clerks, who are already tasked with many administration duties, will be required to become the IT support system and local trainers.

Luckily, there is a solution: CourtCall LLC recently offered their Streaming Video Platform to Colorado courtrooms for an annual subscription of $500. No proprietary hardware is needed; existing equipment, such as a fixed video camera and a current laptop or desktop, can facilitate the session.

The public can be notified of the login information on the current courtroom calendar. No technical assistance will be needed for people wanting to log in. The sessions only record the courtroom activity on the specific video. The session is logged off immediately after the session.

This affordable, secure streaming platform solves the issue of budget-strapped courtrooms and courtrooms with limited IT support. Courtrooms can be assured they are providing a safe public-streaming option.

Other CourtCall features include:

CourtCall streaming only shows what is on the video call; no other programs or applications are available for viewing during the live stream.

CourtCall stream does not allow for commenting or recording.

CourtCall streaming will automatically disconnect when the session is completed—no need to remind yourself to stop the stream.

CourtCall Streaming is only $500/year. That is $42.00 per month!

Want to learn more? Contact NextGenIdeas. NextGen Ideas is an authorized CourtCall reseller.

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