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CourtCall was established in 1995, with the desire to make remote Court Appearances simple, accessible and affordable for all parties. With this objective in mind, CourtCall developed the Remote Appearance Platform, creating an organized and voluntary way for attorneys to appear for routine matters in Civil, Family, Criminal, Probate, Bankruptcy, Workers’ Compensation and other cases from their offices, homes or other convenient locations. Designed with reliable and user-friendly technologies, Courts and remote participants experience seamless communication during cases, while benefiting from significant time and cost savings.

Today, CourtCall is the industry leader for conducting remote Court Appearances throughout the United States, Canada and Worldwide. Technologies continue to expand, such that remote Court Appearances can be conducted with audio, video, and when necessary, remote interpretation services.

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Remote Appearance Platform

  • Full Duplex, state-of-the-art speakerphone and dedicated phone line ensure optimal audio quality.
  • Proprietary, browser-based video application requires no expensive equipment installations or software downloads.
  • Up to 16 participants per case may share video simultaneously, with nearly an unlimited number of participants connecting by audio.
  • Customizable Platform depending on which technologies and services best suit a Judge’s assignment and preferences.
  • Versatile Platform to allow remote participation in virtually any proceeding, from status conferences and motions, to witness testimony.
Remote Appearance
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Courts routinely deal with defendants, witnesses and other participants requiring interpretation:
  • Non-English Speakers
  • Hearing-Impaired
Interpreters play a key role in administration of justice:
  • A defendant/witness needs an interpreter to understand the Court and counsel
  • The Court needs the interpreter to understand the testimony
Common inefficiencies when interpreters appear in-person at the Court:
  • Cost and inconvenience of travel
  • Due to short notice or scheduling conflicts, proceedings may be delayed
  • The wait can be lengthy even when the proceeding that requires the interpreter is brief
  • The waiting itself can be costly and unproductive
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Video Arraignment and Traffic Court

A significant cost and risk to the courts, law enforcement and the public is the transportation of in-custody defendants and patients for what are often brief proceedings such as arraignments, plea agreements and forensic mental health reviews.  The CourtCall video arraignment platform increases efficiency and safety while reducing the costs of these proceedings.  The advantages are clear regardless of which agency currently bears the costs or provides the transport of the in-custody participants.
With fewer open courthouses and longer lines and waiting times to resolve traffic or parking citations, CourtCall’s remote video technology provides motorists the opportunity to save time and costs by being heard remotely and creates greater efficiencies for the courts and law enforcement. More importantly, those contesting traffic or parking citations need not be required to miss work, school or family obligations.
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Mental Health, Drug and Other Collaborative Justice Courts

CourtCall appreciates the needs of the entire community.  Our simplified Remote Appearance Program is designed to meet the needs of Mental Health (Civil/Probate and Criminal), Drug and Collaborative Courts, serving juveniles, adolescents and adults.  CourtCall provides the latest in secure technology with exceptional customer service and support, is the industry leader in facilitating remote appearances and is particularly well-adapted to the needs of Mental Health, Drug and other Collaborative justice programs.

Stream Your Courtroom Live with CourtCall

  • CourtCall streaming only shows what is on the video call. No other programs or applications are available for viewing during the live stream.
  • CourtCall stream does not allow for commenting or recording.
  • CourtCall streaming will automatically disconnect when the session is complete. No need to remind yourself to stop the stream once the session has ended. 
  • CourtCall streaming is only $500 per year. 
Stream Your Courtroom
Worker's Comp
Construction Workers

Worker's Compensation

At no cost to the Court, CourtCall’s Remote Appearance Platform effectively serves the unique needs of Workers’ Compensation Courts.  Attorneys, hearing representatives, insurance representatives, lien claimants, medical experts, injured workers and others can now make appearances in Workers’ Compensation Courts from the comfort and convenience of their home, office or other location. Fewer costs potentially mean more benefit dollars for injured workers or less expense for employers.

The CourtCall Advantage Video

Take 30 seconds to discover the advantages of using CourtCall in this short video.

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