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Kathy Pakkebier had encountered CourtCall and thought it an incredible idea .... and this was before the "Time of Covid".  The challenging time of the pandemic has revealed many opportunities and changed our "ideas" of how we must operate.  CourtCall, Co-Parenting and similar solutions provide an opportunity to pursue our realigned perspectives on how court appear- ances and other legal matters can be handled. These solutions can:

  • Make the process more effective for the plaintiffs

  • Make the courts a more effective public institution in respect to the taxpayer's investment.

  • Make the legal processes more meaningful and enjoyable for all involved.

Kathy and Marty are committed to a consultative sales approach and the same standard of principles when it comes time to fulfilling and servicing the proposed solution that they provided for twenty-seven (27) years in their previous venture. 


Our Team


Kathy Pakkebier, President and Sales Manager | Phone: 303-520-2643


Marty Murphy, Vice-President of Operations | Phone: 720-838-4846

Kathy Pakkebier is not good at sitting still.  As a small child and teenager, she looked forward to recess.  As an adult she maintained those habits and would prefer to be out in the field or visiting with friends, rather than sitting in the office.

Kathy’s desire to collect friends and keep moving never ceased.  When she started her company in 1993, she relied on friends and family to be her resources.  Her customers often became her friends. One of her biggest joys in life is that many of her customers are  lifetime friends.  As a result, a very large percentage of the company revenue was repeat business.

Kathy’s other accomplishments besides being the founder and President of a successful Denver-based company is the growth and development of her family.  Kathy and her husband Marty have two grown children and they are above average!

Kathy also loves her pets.  She has a full collection: horse, dog and cat. 

Understanding the details and defining repeatable systems, are two characteristics that Marty takes great pride in.  As an owner and team member, Marty believes in the strength of process, the value of good employees and a strong commitment to customers.  As one customer said, “They say they are going to do it and they do it.” As the successful founder and owner of two successful companies, Marty knows the hard work and dedication required to develop good enterprise.

When Marty is not working on company ideas and development, he enjoys hanging out with his family which includes his wife and two grown children.  Marty enjoys biking, running, guitar-playing and gardening. 


Also, as a registered architect and professional engineer, Marty is often asked to help friends with their remodel projects.

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