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An effective contraband plan must be proactive rather than reactive. Many corrections officials believe stickering or scanning legal mail is a solution for stopping contraband from entering facilities. However, both do a poor job of halting that growing deadly influx.

There is an alternative. LIAM Legal, a newly introduced legal and privileged mail solution, has numerous advantages over current offerings. It is FREE to correctional agencies and can stop contraband from entering your facility through the mailroom.

Using the LIAM Legal solution, approved mail is uploaded directly from the sender (attorneys and other privileged communications), encrypted, and sent directly to the facility, where inmates access it via a small kiosk under the supervision of a correctional officer.

The documents remain encrypted until the inmate enters a PIN on a small touchscreen attached to the unit. The legal correspondence is then printed directly into an envelope in a secure mailbox, which the inmate opens to retrieve mail.

Correctional facilities are provided with ALL the necessary supplies, printers, carts, and paper at NO COST. LIAM Connect provides a secure platform and screens all users. Large and small agencies can benefit from the solution!

Attorneys, public defenders, and authorized senders benefit from efficiency in document delivery, delivery reports, and more! There will be no more hours spent waiting in the lobby to deliver a document and no more hours spent driving to and from correctional facilities.

Approved LIAM Legal users will pay a fee to utilize the system.

Correctional facilities appreciate not being required to utilize valuable staff time to deliver privileged mail.

The LIAM Legal system is a Win/Win solution! For additional information and a video demonstration, contact NextGen Ideas, a LIAM Connect reseller.

NextGen Ideas provides products and services for the correctional industry.

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