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I recently attended a recent JailCon Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. I was able to attend the keynote speaker event featuring Jason Redman. Redman is an American Hero, Retired Navy SEA and Best-Selling Author.

I enjoyed his presentation and wanted to pass some of his insightful information on being a Leader.

Being a Leader is a matter of utilizing the LEARN technique.

L - Lead Yourself, Leadership by example is the best technique. Be the best of your abilities. Always be the Leader 24/7.

E- Engage your team through Trust. Don't micro-manage. Give your team the resources to be successful. Make sure they have training, resources and tools to be successful.

A - Active Communication. Be a listener, not only a talker. Be always actively listening to your team. Daily complaining can be a good thing! Everyone has a voice, and what is best for the team will be discovered from the team.

R - Respect. What you say and how you say it does matter. Everyone deserves full respect.

N - No Shortcuts. Being a leader takes time, work and dedication. Your team must believe in you, and you believe in yourself.

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