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CourtCall vs. Web Conference

Comparison of CourtCall to Web Conference systems.

The restrictions on our public forums brought on by COVID-19 have presented extensive challenges to courts handling continued, if not increased, caseloads. Many that looked to free or low-cost web conferencing systems are discovering these alternatives cost the courts, lawyers and the public in other significant ways.

CourtCall was developed 25 years ago with the intent of making remote Court Appearances simple, accessible and affordable for all parties. CourtCall has completed more than 6,000,000 remote appearances since 1995.

The graphic comparison summarizes differences between CourtCall and popular web conferencing systems.

Some of the most significant features that distinguish CourtCall are:

  • Unlike many of the platforms that require software downloads, CourtCall is browser-based and does not require downloads to court or law firm networks.

  • Sessions are passcode protected. Multiple parties cannot participate on a set of shared codes.

  • Scheduling is provided.

  • Caucus rooms can be activated in real-time to replicate the court and legal environment for private communications.

  • DocuSign integrations allows for immediate execution of orders, stipulations and agreements within the CourtCall platform.

  • CourtCall sessions have the ability to utilize an on-line moderator to assist during the call for technical and operational issues. Busy judges and staff are not required to spend valuable time to create user guides, handle scheduling issues and troubleshoot video and audio issues.

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